Versatile Blogger Award

Well the lovely Sherri of A View From My Summerhouse nominated me so thank you Sherri. I have to confess I have very little clue about what I am supposed to do now. According to the rules I have to select 15 blogs to nominate. Well I don’t have 15 yet so this could be a fairly brief post.

oh and 7 things about me

1) I have worked at 2 Olympics

2) I have been on Grandstand

3) I did a special study on Volcanic Hazards in Iceland as part of my degree

4) I still have 4 baby teeth even though I am in my late 30s

5) I have been round the world 3 times but I don’t like flying

6) I scored 174 in a supervised Mensa test when I was 16 (172 was the maximum score on the test but because I was under 18 it was adjusted to take into account my age) – shame I have a rubbish memory so it means nothing

7) I love lavender

now my nominees

ok well I don’t follow many blogs yet so I will come back to this when I find some but to start off … – I will be amazed if Shaz hasn’t already had this but it was thanks to our husbands working together that I found her blog and started doing my own.  One day perhaps I will be able to run as successful a blog as she does. – Eileen Langsley is one of the most amazing photographers in the World and astonishingly I really think she doesn’t realise just how good she is. I feel very lucky to be friends with such a lovely and inspirational lady. She has done a lot for the role of women in sports photography and has won many awards. Eileen has worked at an unbelievable number (if even countable) of major international sporting events including 13 Olympic Games and although she is best known for her work in gymnastics (which is how I know her) she has also worked across a whole range of sports producing photographs which not only capture the sporting achievement but the atmosphere and personalities of the competitors. I feel honoured to be her friend.


2 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Love your header photo Anne! Just wanted to come back and say how interesting I found your facts about yourself…you are one clever lady! Funny, because my eldest son is a member of Mensa. I don’t know what his I.Q. was/is though! I am fascinated to learn about your television appearance, being in the Olympics AND going around the world 3 times!!! Wow, you are one interesting lady! Wish we could meet up for a coffee and chat, I would really love to hear about your life…Hope things are going well for you… xxx 🙂

    • yes we didn’t get much chance to chat at Prima did we but I got more time chatting to you and your mum than I did the others. The Grandstand thing was in 1996 when I carried the medals at the European Gymnastics Championships. I worked at 2 Olympics – Sydney and London – in Gymnastics Sports Information so we dealt with the delegations, filling in forms, taking in entries, floor music, answering queries about transport back to the village – that kind of thing. In Sydney I also worked with the Trampolining Technical Officials which was a great experience and helped out on the floor for the Gala. I was lucky in Sydney to see the Opening Ceremony rehearsal and also got a free ticket to the Closing Ceremony and then in London I got to see the Opening Ceremony rehearsal and also bought tickets to go to one of the diving finals. Amazing to have the opportunity to be part of something like the Olympics. I have worked at lots of other events too, 2 European Championships, 2 World Championships, Manchester Commonwealth Games, Special Olympics, National Disabilities, Grand Prix circuit 9 times and 3 World Cup finals (all gymnastics and in a variety of roles from media to form filling to team liaison officer for the Cuban men’s team). Not bad considering I was pretty rubbish at actually DOING sport! As for the round the world 3 times it isn’t as impressive as it sounds, I have been to Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific 3 times stopping in Singapore/LA so a technicality that it is round the world not actually visiting places all around the world. x

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